Royal Fusiliers Collection 1863-1905

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Information about Royal Fusiliers Collection 1863-1905

The Royal Fusiliers Collection 1863-1905 gives the names of around 5000 officers and men who took part in a series of British military campaigns between 1863 and 1904. Information is taken largely from medal rolls and includes the name, number (for other ranks), battalion, campaign and medal clasps awarded. Additional research often includes information not to be found on medal rolls such as subsequent service and even, where known, details of medal sales.

India General Service Medal: Men who took part in the Umbeyla (now Ambela) Expedition on the North-West Frontier of India between 1863 and 1864.

Canada General Service Medal: Awarded to men of the 2nd Battalion, 7th Regiment of Foot who took part in the suppression of the Fenian Raids in 1866 and 1867. The medal was only instituted in 1899 and was awarded to all qualifying personnel who were still living.

Afghanistan Medal: Awarded to men of the 2/7th Foot who took part in the Afghanistan campaigns between November 1878 and September 1880.

Queen’s South Africa Medal and King’s South Africa Medal: Awarded to men of the Royal Fusiliers who took part in the Second South Africa War of 1899-1902. Not all men would have qualified for both medals.

Tibet Medal: Authorised on February 1, 1905 and awarded to men of the 1st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers who took part in the Tibet Mission between December 1903 and September 1904.