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Welcome to the new Genes Reunited blog!

  • We regularly add blogs covering a variety of topics. You can add your own comments at the bottom.
  • The Genes Reunited Team will be writing blogs and keeping you up to date with changes happening on the site.
  • In the future we hope to have guest bloggers that will be able to give you tips and advice as to how to trace your family history.
  • The blogs will have various privacy settings, so that you can choose who you share your blog with.

The Genes Reunited Nativity Story

Published in Genes Reunited Blog on 15 Dec 2010 17:00 : christmas : 0 comments : 1296 views

This year Genes Reunited is promoting Christmas as a time to connect with our own family history since traditionally it is the time of year that most of us are with our families. We are proud to be a part of Start Your Family Tree week which is running from the 26th December to the 1st January. There will be quizzes and competitions and handy hints each day to help you build your tree and research your own family history.

Complete 1911 Census on Genes Reunited

Published in Genes Reunited Blog on 9 Dec 2010 17:00 : 1911 census : 0 comments : 1473 views

In May of this year we launched the 1911 census Enumerator Summary Books. This was the first time that our members were able to access any records from the 1911 census and the first time that a census included intimate questions to the population that put their lives in context.

Genes Reunited Help Clinic

Published in Genes Reunited Blog on 6 Dec 2010 17:00 : help : 0 comments : 1313 views

Recently we carried out some extensive Market Research. One of the main points that cropped up quite often was that our newer members would start their tree and then did not know what to do next. We also had feedback from our older members who felt under-valued. We wanted to have an area where we could point members in the right direction for help with their research. We also wanted to express our gratitude to our members who kindly volunteer to do look-ups for people. Over the years they have broken down a lot of brick walls!