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Searching the census - UPDATED

We've improved the search format to make it easier for you to find your relations in the Census Records.

As well as using the full forename and surname when searching for a relation in these records, you now also have the option of either using a partial name, similar name or even just a letter in both the forename and surname fields. This is really useful when you're not sure of the spelling of someone's name, or if you're having difficulty finding the record you're looking for.

For example, if you're searching for a record for a relation whose forename could have possibly been Lily, Lilly or Lillian and the surname was either Stevens or Stephens, you could enter the forename as Lil and the surname as Ste and click on the 'Exact match' link on both name fields and choose the 'Starts With' option. This will return results for any names that match those partial names.

If you find a name you're looking for on another site but not ours, then it is possible that the name has been mis-transcribed from our census data. If this is the case and you have details of the mistranscription then please send us the full details. We can have this corrected.

Unfortunately, you may occasionally be shown the wrong census image. If this happens please send us the full name, year and place of birth of the relation you are looking for. Our support team will be happy to try and locate the correct image and email it to you where possible. We do our best but we can't guarantee that we will find the correct page.


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