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How do I view trees that have been shared with me?

When a contact has given you permission to view their tree, you can view it by clicking on 'Messages' at the top of each page and then on 'My Contacts' from the dropdown list.

  •  If you can see a tick and the word 'View' next to a contact's name then you'll be able to see their tree. If you see a cross and the word 'request' then you haven't been given access to it yet.
  •  If a member has said you can see their tree but you still can't see it, this is usually just because they’ve forgotten to approve your request. Just click on 'Request' to send an email to the other member asking to see it.
  • Click on 'View' in the My Contacts page to see the other tree.

You can also view another member's tree from your own Family Tree page.

  • At the top of your tree page you'll see the name of the tree you're viewing followed by the number of relations in that tree, and a 'View Other Trees' tab to the right of that. Click on 'View Other Trees' and then on 'Trees shared with me' and you'll see a list of all the trees you have permission to view.
  • Click on the tree you want to view and the page will refresh, showing you that tree.

Don’t forget, you need to have a paid subscription to view another member's tree.


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