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How do I upload a photo to my tree?

You can add photos to details of any of your relations. From the Family Tree page, select the relation then click on the 'Edit' tab in their name box. This will open the details panel.


Select 'Photos' from the top of the details panel, then click on 'Upload'.


You will be shown a box that says 'Upload to Keepsafe'. Click on the button that says 'Browse' in this box. If you click on this you will see a view of your computer's drives. Locate the image from where you have saved it on your computer then click on the 'Open' button.


You're now ready to start uploading the image. Click on the 'File chosen - click next' link and select the photo type from the onscreen options. Click on the 'Upload to Keepsafe' tab once to start the process, it may take a little while to be transferred to our server.


Once the photo's uploaded, you can add any notes that you wish. A copy of the image will be stored in your Keepsafe too.