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What is the Keepsafe?

Where do you keep your photos at home? In a handbag? Or a box? The Keepsafe is a place where you can safely store photos and any other items you have scanned such as documents or letters.

To add photos or copies of scanned documents, such as letters. All you have to do is upload them from your computer at home, and store them in your Keepsafe. And when you’re viewing records on the site, you can store a copy in here too. 

To add something to your keepsafe you’ll see a box in the top left hand corner that says ‘Upload to Keepsafe’. Click on this and a pop up will appear that says ‘Select a file’. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and a pop up will appear that allows you to search your own computer. Find the photo you want to upload and double click or click the ‘Open’ button. Then click Next and follow the instructions. You must give your item a title, as this is used in our search engine. So, when you search our photos and media we will be searching the titles of the images for the word(s) you are looking for. Try and include a name, a place or event in the title if you can.

You'll see the option to add both transcription and original record images to your Keepsafe too. When you see a record you’d like to save you’ll see the Keepsafe options on the right hand side of the page. You can attach the record to relatives in your tree. If you’re not sure it is the right record, you can just keep a copy of it and refer back to it at a later date. When you add it to your Keepsafe it will be added to the saved records folder, but you can move it to one of your other folders if you want to.


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