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Sending messages

When you contact a member through the site we send the message on your behalf to the other member's inbox on the site. We also send them a message to their registered email address letting them know they have a new message. They can then log in to the site and reply to your message. Any replies will be sent to your inbox in the Genes Reunited Messages Centre. You will also receive a message from us if you have received a reply in your own inbox. We do this for two reasons. Firstly, so that your contact details are never revealed and secondly, if the person’s own details are out of date the message will still be there when they return to the Genes Reunited site.

You can send attachments with your messages. These include photos and documents.When you compose your message you'll see the option to add attachments to it.

All messages are kept within the site and so all messages sent arrive instantly to your Genes Reunited inbox. Please click on Messages at the top of the page to view your contact with other members. On the left hand side of the page you'll see subsequent links to your inbox, sent messages and your list of contacts.

The My Contacts section will list everyone you have been in touch with on the site. These will appear in chronological order, with the name of the member who has contacted you and the relative it is about, highlighted. Clicking on the name of the member will also give you a list of all the emails you have exchanged.

We do realise how frustrating it is if you don't receive a reply to an email you have sent. Some members may have changed their email address, but not changed it on the site. This will mean that emails from us letting them know they have a new message will be going to their old email address. There is no time limit for how long messages are allowed to stay on a member’s registration and will be seen when the member you have written to logs in again.

If you wish to contact another member you must either have a paid subscription or pay per view credits. It costs 30 credits to send a message.

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