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How do I print out my family tree?

If you would like to print out a copy of your tree open up the tree select the view that you would like to print.Click on the 'Print' icon in the top right hand corner of the tree to see the print menu. You'll see full instructions on how to print out your tree .

You can either print the entire tree, or a view of your Ancestors or Descendants.

You can also print out any trees that you have access to using the same process as if printing out your own tree.

We know that some members are having problems printing their trees at the moment, and we're really sorry about this. We're still making a number of improvements to the tree, including the printing function. We have partnered with a professional family tree printing company who will print your tree from as little as £9.95. For more information please click here.


The British Newspaper Archive

British Newspaper Archive

Read about historical events at the time they were happening. Perhaps you'll discover your ancestor in their local newspaper?

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