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Which Parish records do you have?

The registration of births, deaths and marriages began in 1837. The first census records we have are from 1841. We do have Parish Records on the site. These contain baptism, marriage and burial records that date back to 1538. We have put together a guide on how to use these records. This can be found here.

You can also use Genes Reunited and search for your relatives born before the records began. You can use the search trees area of the site to search for names. Also, when you open your tree we will show you if any of the names in it match with names added by our members. You can then make contact with them and see if you are possibly related.

Here is a full list of the Parish Records that we have on the site:

Baptisms of Frant, Sussex

Billingshurst Baptisms

Billingshurst Burials and Probate

Billingshurst Marriages

Boyd's 1st Misc

Boyd's London Burials

Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840

Bradford Burial Index

Bradford Parish Church Burials, Yorkshire

Brayton St Wilfred Burials

British Overseas Marriages 

Burials of Frant, Sussex

Cambridgeshire Banns

Cambridgeshire Baptisms

Cambridgeshire Burials

Cambridgeshire Marriages

Cemetery Burials and Memorial Inscriptions for Victoria

Chepstow non-conformists registers

Cleveland Marriages

Cleveland Memorial Inscriptions

Clifton Road Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions (Rugby)

Cornwall Baptisms

Cornwall Burials

Cornwall Marriages

Cornwall Memorial Inscriptions

Derbyshire Registrars Birth Index

Derbyshire Registrars Death Index

Derbyshire Registrars Marriage Index

Devon Baptisms

Devon Burials

Devon Marriages

Docklands Ancestors

Dorset Baptisms

Dorset Burials

Dorset Marriages

Dorset Memorial Inscriptions

Dorset Monumental Inscriptions

Dunchurch Baptisms

Dunchurch Burials

Dunchurch Marriages

Durham Baptisms

Durham Baptisms part 2

East Kent Burial Index

Elland St Mary Baptisms

Elland St Mary Burials

Elland St Mary Marriages

Elmton, Derbyshire Baptisms

Elmton, Derbyshire Burials

Elmton, Derbyshire Marriages

Essex Memorial Inscriptions

Faculty Office Marriage Licences

Furness Burials

Glamorgan Burial Index

Glamorgan Marriage Index pre-1837

Glamorgan Monumental Inscription index

Gloucestershire Baptisms

Gloucestershire Burials

Gloucestershire Marriages

Gwent FHS Baptisms

Gwent FHS Baptisms - Blackwood Branch

Gwent FHS Baptisms - Chepstow Branch

Gwent FHS Baptisms - Pontypool Branch

Gwent FHS Burials

Gwent FHS Burials - Blackwood Branch

Gwent FHS Burials - Chepstow Branch

Gwent FHS Marriages

Gwent FHS Marriages - Blackwood Branch

Gwent FHS Marriages - Chepstow Branch

Gwent Non-conformist Baptisms

Gwent Non-conformist marriages

Halifax St John Baptisms

Halifax St John Burials

Halifax St John Marriages

Hampshire Baptisms

Hampshire Burials

Hampshire Marriages

Huddersfield Baptisms

Huntingdonshire Burials

Lincolnshire Cemetery Registers

Lincolnshire Marriage Index

Lincolnshire Marriage Licence Bonds and Allegations

Lincolnshire Monumental Inscriptions

Lincolnshire Parish Bastardy Cases

Lincolnshire Workhouse Deaths

Liverpool Baptisms

Liverpool Burials

Liverpool Marriages

Manchester and Oldham Burials

Marriages of Frant, Sussex

Marriages Prestwich, Lancashire

Mid Norfolk Baptisms

Mid Norfolk Monumental Inscriptions

Middlesex Baptisms - Cliff Webb

Middlesex Burials & MIs - Cliff Webb

Monmouth Workhouse Baptisms

Monmouth Workhouse Burials

Montgomeryshire Baptisms

Montgomeryshire Burials

Montgomeryshire Marriages

N Cheshire Burials of Non-residents

N Cheshire Memorial Inscriptions

Newspaper Funeral Notices for Country Victoria

North Yorkshire Baptisms

North Yorkshire Non-conformist Baptisms

Northumberland and Durham Baptisms

Northumberland and Durham Burials

Northumberland and Durham Marriages

Northumberland and Durham Memorial Inscriptions

Pleasington Priory Burials

Plymouth Baptism Register

Plymouth Deaths & Burials

Plymouth Marriage Register

Pontefract District Baptisms

Pontefract District Burials

Pontefract District Marriages

Pontypool Marriage Announcements

Rookwood Cemetery Burials

Rugby Baptisms

Rugby Burials

Rugby Marriages

Sarum Marriage Licence Bonds

Selby Cemetery

Sheffield Baptisms

Somerset Marriages pre-1754 & post-1754

Somerset Monumental Inscriptions

Southam Baptisms

Southam Marriages

St Andrew's Holborn Marriage Index 1754-1812

St Leonard Shoreditch Burials

St Mary, Lambeth Burials 1777-1838

Suffolk Baptism Index

Suffolk Early Burials Index

Suffolk Marriage Index

Suffolk Marriage Index 1813-1837

Sussex Burials

Thames & Medway Baptisms

Thames & Medway Burials

Thames & Medway Marriages

Tunbridge Wells Baptisms

Tunbridge Wells Congregational Baptisms

Tunbridge Wells Congregational Marriages

Tunbridge Wells Marriages

Vicar General Marriage Licences

Wakefield district Baptisms

Wakefield district Burials

Wakefield district marriages

Warwickshire Burials

West Middlesex Marriage Index

Wiltshire Baptisms (pre-1837)

Wiltshire Memorial Inscription Index

Wrightington Banns

Wrightington Baptisms

Wrightington Deaths

Wrightington Marriages


New Scottish Records

New Scottish records

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